Friday, August 15, 2008


Gizmo and Dad (Gizmo), Oil on canvas, 30”x 30”, 2006

Gizmo and Dad (Dad), Oil on canvas, 30”x 30”, 2006

Grace, Oil on canvas, 31”x 42”, 2006

Dyadic, Oil on canvas, 67” x 40”, 2006

Mom and Dad (Dad Flossing), Oil on canvas, 32”x 42”, 2007

Mom and Dad (Mom Brushing), Oil on canvas, 32”x 42”, 2007

Pearl, Oil on canvas, 34” x 64”, 2007

Rumination, Oil on canvas, 48” x 64”, 2007

Delusion, Oil on canvas, 54” x 66”, 2007

Untitled (Self Portrait), Oil on canvas, 84” x 48”, 2008

Untitled (Self Portrait), Oil on canvas, 42" x 72", 2008

Pink, Oil on linen, 38" x 66", 2009

Clean, Oil on linen, 56" x 40", 2009

Sunday, Oil on canvas, 42" x 78", 2009


Hypervigilant said...

you should get a sitemeter

Laura said...

love the new pieces.

JohnJEnright said...

Just wanted to say that my wife and I both admired your 3 pieces at the Black Duckling Art Show.

Virginia said...

First of I love your paintings! Second I was wondering what was your idea when you painted Sunday? Also why did you paint the flowers as if they were in mid air?

Jen said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the good words. Virginia, with Sunday, I was really interested in moments where the illusion of paintings fall apart and where characters within the painting realize that they are just painted. So, the character in this painting is using the decorative technique of one-stroke flower painting (as seen on PBS) to decorate the surface of the painting that she is in. It also speaks a lot to the roles of women within art history as the hobby artist (or the sunday painter), relegated to what has been considered lower generas of painting, such as flower painting. In that sense, it is also more broadly about how people cope with the structures that have already been placed for them, whether they be structures within a painting or the overarching structures of society.

Virginia said...

wow thanks for replying ! I didn't realize how much meaning was behind sunday. I believed that she is in the bathroom because she could be herself and the flowers represented feminism. I am very interest in the roles of women in art history. Can you tell me more?

Virginia said...

Sorry about all the question but I am writing a paper on sunday for my art class. So if you can give me more information about you and the art work that would be terrific !!